Date Article
2017-01-11 atsec at Cyber Defence Day in Stockholm
CSO Thomas Svensson from atsec will present one of the largest Cyber Defense Exercise named “Locked Shields” on the 23rd of January 2017, in Stockholm. [more]
2016-09-22 atsec presentation at ESC 2016 conference in Stockholm
atsec member gives presentation on Security design and assessment of IoT products [more]
2016-02-17 SME-D membership
atsec now members in SME-D [more]
2015-09-03 Cyber Security Exhibition in Jyväskylä, Finland
CSO Thomas Svensson at atsec information security in Sweden is invited to speak at the 2nd National Cyber Security Week of Finland, ICT & Cyber Security Exhibition 21st to 25th of September 2015 in Jyväskylä, Finland. [more]
2015-06-17 Tutus Färist VPN Common Criteria evaluation finished
Stockholm, Sweden – Tutus Färist 4.0, Färist Micro 4.0 VPN Common Criteria evaluation finished. [more]
2014-10-09 atsec at 4SICS Conference in Stockholm
Staffan Persson from atsec will give a presentation at the 4SICS conference in Stockholm. The 4SICS conference is the first ever international forum in Sweden for handling cyber attacks on SCADA/ICS. [more]
2014-08-06 Cyber Defense Exercise Handbook
Swedish National Defence College (SNDC) published in July 2014 the Handbook for planning, running and evaluating information technology and cyber security exercises. Authors are Thomas Svensson from atsec Sweden and Nina Wilhelmsson Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). [more]
2013-09-09 Tutus Färist VPN Undergoes Common Criteria Evaluation at EAL5
Tutus Data commissioned atsec information security to evaluate its EU-approved VPN crypto Färist VPN, according to the EAL5 of Common Criteria. [more]