Not only are there legal requirements for data protection, this topic is also very much in the public eye. The base for a successful long-term customer relationship is the trustworthy handling of customer and employee data. Legal and contractual data protection requirements need to be addressed in a trustworthy manner.

Our Services
atsec can help you implementing and operating a data protection management with the following services:

  • Establishment of a data protection management system (DPMS) and integration into existing management systems
  • Development of a lean data protection policy that fits the requirements of your organisation
  • Generation of a procedure index of relevant procedures
  • Development of a concept for locking and deleting personal data for all relevant processes
  • Data protection audits, internally as well as at your suppliers
  • Support in applying the European data protection directive 95/46/EG
  • Training and coaching of your data protection officer

For a first overview of your data protection we start with a readiness assessment. An experienced consultant analyses the current state on-site to get a good understanding of your current processes and measures. This provides a rating of your current compliance status. The result of the readiness assessment contains a plan for implementing fully compliant data protection according to the applicable laws as well as a sound estimation of efforts that shows the expected internal efforts as well as consulting efforts required for the implementation.