atsec participates in a Swedish research project funded by Vinnova – CSSTII


atsec would like to proudly announce participation in a Swedish research project funded by Vinnova – CSSTII (Certifiable System-on-Silicon for Safety-Critical Applications In Industry).

The CSSTII project addresses a gap in the security model of hardware/software systems where the interface between hardware and software lacks a contract. Users rely on software environments to provide security functions, but there is no guarantee that the software function can do that due to dependencies on functionality provided by the hardware platform.

The project partners Cobham Gaisler AB and Chalmers University of Technology aim to extend an existing hardware design to provide isolation between software instances. atsec, as an independent information security assessment, testing and evaluation facility, aims to share years of expertise and know-how on performing security evaluations of hardware designs and specifically complex system-on-chip designs. It is addressed by performing a Common Criteria (CC) style security evaluation on the developed hardware platform. This, combined with a CC evaluated software environment, will enable creation of a CC certified HW+SW platform.


For more information, please visit the CSSTII project website.