A security audit assesses the effectiveness and appropriateness of measures based on a systematic examination. The audit report prioritises detected vulnerabilities according to the risk they pose and provides suitable measures to counter or reduce those vulnerabilities. Regular audits ensure the compliance to requirements and support the advancement of the internal control system and the security management (governance).

Our Services
Extensively trained auditors provide the following services based on international standards, best practices and your internal regulations:

  • Internal audits for ISO 27001
  • Internal PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard) audits
  • Data protection audits to assess technical and organisational measures
  • Audits to assess the physical security of IT locations like data centers
  • Technical penetration tests of websites, applications and networks

Our auditors provide detailed reports that not only describe the problem in understandable language but also contain practical recommendations for measures to handle the detected issues.