CC Certification SERVICES

The Common Criteria (CC), also known as ISO 15408, is an internationally recognized standard used to specify and assess the security of IT products.
The CC does this by providing a set of general but rigorous functional and assurance criteria by which a product’s security aspects can be evaluated using the evaluation methodology ISO 18045. This allows an objective verification of the trustworthiness of a security product.

Our Services
atsec operates a private Certification Body accredited by SWEDAC, Sweden’s national accreditation body, against requirements specified in ISO/IEC 17065. The current scope of accreditation is Common Criteria ISO 15408 and18045, by operating our own Common Criteria Certification scheme. We provide the service in conjunction of accredited 17025 laboratories.

Ongoing Certifications

Certification ID Product Name Applicant Product Type
ATSEC-CC-001 F5 BIG-IP APM F5, Inc Network Device
ATSEC-CC-002 F5 BIG-IP AFM F5, Inc Network Device

Scheme Documents:

Certification Scheme: available upon request


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