eIDAS Trust Service Provider Assessments

With cyber criminality becoming more common, the requirements of more secure and trustworthy trust services are vital. Under the eIDAS regulation (No. 910/2014) it falls on a Trust Service Provider (TSP) to be able to assure that these trust services for authentication, digital certificates and electronic signing are qualified and safe, and that the TSP has followed the eIDAS requirements. To prove that the eIDAS requirements have been complied to, a Conformity Assessment has to be preformed by an accredited Conformity Assessment Body (CAB).

Our Services
atsec has great experience in performing IT-product assessments and is a licensed Conformity Assessment Body under eIDAS.

Or eIDAS portfolio encompasses the following services:

  • Readiness Assessment: Prior to eIDAS assessments our experienced evaluators perform an on-site check that shows readiness to perform an eIDAS assessment. This includes the preparation of a strategy and project plan for the assessment that measures that costs, resources and project risks are fully transparent.
  • Qualified Trust Service Provider Assessments
    • Certificate issuing for electronic signatures (signature by natural person), electronic seals (signature by legal person), and web-site authentication
    • Services for signing and/or sealing (signature creation)
    • Signature/seal validation services
    • Time-stamp services
    • Preservation services for electronic signatures/seals and related certificates
    • Electronic registered delivery services
  • Education and training for your staff to optimize your effort in pursuing eIDAS compliance.